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About Carpediem Properties
Carpediem is a self-owned historic preservation contracting service, I have completed renovations of over fifty homes that were over a hundred years old from design planning to scheduling and overseeing sub-contractors​.

Since 1978, I have treated every clients like they were a part of my family. 
Other contractors may offer similar services, but my services come with a personal touch. 
Stephen P. Flood - Owner
The lifetime I have devoted to the craft of repairing and rejuvenating homes has strengthened my passion and deference to the art of the historical restoration. Being a fourth generation New Orleanian I have a great appreciation for the architecture and history of New Orleans.
I'm Committed 
to helping my clients achieve their dreams...
  • Expertise in Faux painting & staining.
  • Carpentry restoration projects include restoration of historic wooden floors, moldings, mantels, shutters, doors, porches balconies, woodwork, siding, facia, soffits, windows, and reglazing of windows.
  • Historic painting experience includes encapsulating lead paint on walls
At Carpediem Properties, I take care to provide my clients high quality services personalized for their unique restoration needs. 

I have Supervised and participated in large and small projects, including: masonry, timber and modern and historic framing; all phases of finish carpentry; finishes, including paints, oils and clear; roofing; kitchens; bathrooms; plumbing, electrical and all historic property maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation. 

I have a variety of services including: